Thank you, Frida Kahlo/ Gracias, Frida Kahlo….

The book I found at the library... it looked more eye catching in person.

The book I found at the library… it looked more eye catching in person.

Epic story time!

At the library where I work, as a stacker, I was about to finish up for the day. I walked past another fellow stacker sorting books… in the corner of my eye, I saw Frida Kahlo on the cover of a book, and felt compelled to pick it up.

The man commented on the book, and then I asked whether he delves into art at all.. next thing you know, we were having a solid 10 minute conversation about art. He suggested that I look up E Jean Lanyon, as she is a professional watercolorist.

& so I did.

I called her up around 4, and she was more than welcome for me to visit her- in fact, I found her studio less than an hour later. Her artwork is truly incredible- she does watercolor “en plein air”- on site- like how I do. She gave me a gazillion tips that I never learned nor have bothered to look up. I love learning from artists themselves- the real world & meeting & discovering new people and places are my teachers now- for the time being at least.

She was also the State of Delaware’s Poet Laureate for 22 years… it’s so cool to connect with other artists! Here is a link to one of her poems and about her, from the Fox Chase Review:

(oh, and she taught ANDREW WYETH, the master of watercolor out in the market these days)

Before I close, here is a little background on who Frida Kahlo is:
She was a Mexican artist (1907-1954), married to Diego Rivera, another well known artist from Mexico. She suffered from a horrific car accident in 1925, which brought her much pain throughout her life. She began to paint to express herself- it is often very dark and painful as it reflects what she was feeling. Interesting fact (albeit I should get a better reference than Wikipedia) is that she began her painting career after the accident. I admit that it took a while for me to truly appreciate her work.
One of many self-portraits of Frida Kahlo.
Otro día increíble, ¡gracias a Dios! Casi terminé mi trabajo para el día cuando vi en la esquina de mi ojo un libro con Frida Kahlo. Recordando Frida, primero de la escuela secundaria en la clase de español, y luego de la universidad, decidí recoger el libro. El hombre que trabajaba allí mencionó algo de ella y empezamos a hablar sobre arte. El me recomendó que yo hablara con E Jean Lanyon, una artista de acuarela- profesional.
La llamé; hablé un par de minutos, mencioné mi contacto de la biblioteca, y ella me invitó visitarla. Entonces, yo fui.
Ella es increíble. Me encanta su arte. Se graduó de una universidad prestigiosa para el arte- Chouinard Art Institute, en Los Angeles, California.- Lleva toda su vida con el arte. Era poeta laureado del estado de Delaware, los EE.UU., por 22 años… tiene un buen sentido del humor. Le enseñé mi arte y ella enseñó el suyo; hay algo muy especial cuando puedes confiar y compartir con otra persona tu duende, tu pasión.
Me voy de nuevo mañana después de trabajar. 
Antes de irme, un poco sobre Frida Kahlo:
Era artista mexicana (1907-1954 de Coyoacán), casada con Diego Rivera, otro artista mexicana. Ella sufrió de un choque de carros en 1925, causando mucho dolor por ella. (de hecho, ella sufrió mucho a través de su vida). Ella empezó su carrera como artista después del accidente. Al principio, fue difícil de entender su arte, especialmente en la escuela secundaria, y para apreciarla, pero mi profesora de español me ayudó, y con el tiempo, llego a apreciarla más.

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