ni cara, ni gracia ni verguenza

Do not try to leave a personal message to me

On a public blog

Have you no cara?

Have you no gracia?

Have you no verguenza?

Oh, yes, how could forget.

Your mind games and tricks,

Your moving to Boston and telling me days later.

You threw cara & gracia & verguenza out the window a while ago

You smothered my freedom

You spited and still spite my libertad

And even more, irritated that I know another lengua.

You make my brother seem like I am some selfish person

Because I am trying to make something of myself

To the basura with that.

Charity may begin at home, but not in this situation

Not after all that has happened.

I give my time

My effort

My passion and presence

To those who deserve it

Not those

Who manipulate,

Nice one minute

Then a puta the next.

Déjame en peace

I am doing me

U do u without snapping at others

And don`t acuse family members of harassment

Because they do not agree what you think.

Leave me be in paz

On the other side of the océano tranquila.

Have some cara, gracia, y verguenza.

About Eli

hola! Soy una artista del mundo... una artista de mano, escrito y pintura... ;). Hi! This blog was originally meant to display my artwork as in water colors, but it has transformed to many medias of expression- watercolors, oils, crafts, ideas, stories, pictures-- I love to travel & paint! There are some of my passions, as well as spending time with people who matter most to me. Please follow me and share my blog with others! May you have a great day.
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