“I am super busy” dilemma

We have all been there. Too busy to keep our heads straight, and quite frankly I am surprised how my head is still connected to my shoulder’s unlike Nearly Headless Nick’s state of his head.

I admit I say this too. But one question of suggestion to help you sort through what you should think of when you say this: what are your priorities?

Are you too busy that you aren’t taking care of yourself? Are you too busy that you put off paying bills that you can pay on time? Are you too busy engulfed in work or school work that you barely have time for you family, friends, or a simple break out of the 7 days of a week? Are you too busy to write a less than 5 minute email saying you are thinking of someone?

No judgement whatsoever… I believe it is good to reflect every so often to combat the dilemma of being “super busy.” Post it reminders of what is slowly (or quickly) becoming top priority to do… and put “due date” on it so you don’t pass a deadline without realizing it. Do that quick “hey, how are you doing? text, email, or phone call at some free minute of the day- or just for a break– if it’s by text, email or social media– that person may choose to answer with a quick word of fine and you, or they might write a little bit longer back, being grateful that you reached out to them during this busy time of your life, and may even write something that will make you smile and feel good that you took 20 seconds to literally just say “hi.”

It’s the thought that counts. Quality, not quantity of time. Consistency, not as in  constantly trying to talk to people, but rather consistency by the means that you are attempting to keep relationships afloat, rather than them going to the dark abyss of oblivion except for when it’s someones birthday or you happen to see on fb it’s somebody’s birthday.

Life is full of choices. But also for health reasons, and a healthy social life and mind, sometimes it is good to take those few minutes to take a break and reach out to people you know… at some point you won’t be “super busy” and then you will be That Person with so much time, but yet suddenly “everyone is too busy to talk to me” epidemic occurs. It’s frustrating, tons of us has felt it and have gone through it. Life is a rollercoaster- not just learning a foreign language, as I often describe my own experience with Spanish- you have your ups and downs. We can choose to be a lone wolf for some times- sometimes solitary is good- but don’t forget that it is the relationships with the people that care about you that matter more than the amount of time you put into certain things.

And to finish this post, I’d like to say, as I’ve shared before to people:

More people CARE about you than you realize.

Happy Sunday everyone. Best wishes and good health to all!

About Eli

hola! Soy una artista del mundo... una artista de mano, escrito y pintura... ;). Hi! This blog was originally meant to display my artwork as in water colors, but it has transformed to many medias of expression- watercolors, oils, crafts, ideas, stories, pictures-- I love to travel & paint! There are some of my passions, as well as spending time with people who matter most to me. Please follow me and share my blog with others! May you have a great day.
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