More of a problem than Ebola….


How many people

do you know

that are affected by


How many people

do you know

that know people

affected by


The Young

The Old

all ages.


When will it stop?

People are so worried about Ebola.

Ebola this Ebola that

Oh, she was out sick today,

she might have Ebola.

Please do not think I’m underrating the severity that Ebola could be.

But please think about how severe the problem of cancer has, is, and will be.

If you are wanting to donate for a cause, think about donating to a cause that you have a personal connection with, such as the fight against Cancer,

Not Ebola

Quand c’est? By Stromae:

About Eli

hola! Soy una artista del mundo... una artista de mano, escrito y pintura... ;). Hi! This blog was originally meant to display my artwork as in water colors, but it has transformed to many medias of expression- watercolors, oils, crafts, ideas, stories, pictures-- I love to travel & paint! There are some of my passions, as well as spending time with people who matter most to me. Please follow me and share my blog with others! May you have a great day.
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