About the artist/Sobre la artista

On the Brooklyn Bridge, NY/ en el Puente de Brooklyn en Nueva York, los EEUU

On the Brooklyn Bridge, NY/ en el Puente de Brooklyn en Nueva York, los EEUU

Welcome. Benevuet. Benvenido. Ciao.

My name is electric Eli,

Eli to be exact.

I  am a multi-media artist. My favorite media is pen with watercolor and oil. People often describe my artwork as having “motion” to it, which makes it so appealing & my own. One will often find me with some sketch paper and ink pens on hand in case I am inspired to draw.

I am willing to work on commission. Email me if you are interested in buying prints of my work. I also am open for people to buy originals. (A dream of mine would to be an apprentice to a famous artist). My experience has accumulated over the past three years in Europe and the Americas– the North, Central & South. I hope you enjoy my works, as I draw to put smiles on peoples faces.

As a disclaimer , this will be a bilingual, Spanish and English, website.



Mi nombre es Eli

Me dedico ser una artista del mundo. Especializo en pluma con acuarela y óleo. A menudo personas me dicen que se puede ver ‘moción’ en mis obras, y esto es lo que atrae al espectador y lo que hace distintivamente mío.

Puedo trabajar por “orden de trabajo.” Envíeme si tiene interés en comprar algo. También le solicito comprar una obra mía que ya subo en la Red. (Sería fantástico si pudiera aprender abajo de un maestro famoso). He trabajado en Europa y por las Américas para dibujar.

Espero que disfrute mis obras, tanto como disfruto dar una razón para sonreírse.

3 Responses to About the artist/Sobre la artista

  1. Lynne Alice says:

    What a beautiful style – a combination of the charm of the old masters with a uniquely modern view. Will you be making your work available for sale?

    • elena18004 says:

      Thank you so much, I hope my work brings a smile to your face when you see them! And, why, yes, my artwork is available for sale! Currently, I am abstaining from putting my prices out on my website. Anyone can email me (ebaca@udeledu) if interested. I do accept commissions, and am willing to work on request for a specific area to draw. Prints for watercolors will are available for sale, both colored and black & white, in addition to some of the originals. ~ Elena

  2. Jule Lee says:

    Ola. I saw a painting of yours in Cafe ole, and it touched me with the colors. It gave me a sense of this magnum photo https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/10151251_10152299940424831_8184134481846690384_n.jpg are you still interested in selling this piece.

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