Travesía de Jalón

Un vistazo de una calle en Arcos de Jalón.

El año pasado tenía la suerte de buscarme la vida fuera de mi país y en España- me tocó vivir en un pueblo que se llama Arcos de Jalón, cuya vía no coincide con Atorcha Madrid ya (sólo Chamartín). Era ayudante de las profes de inglés en el C.R.A. El Jalón.

Esto es uno de muchos dibujos que hice mientras estaba allí. ¡Disfruta!

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Trenza casera: Empanada Atún

Trenza casera: Empanada Atún

(creo… hace un 9 meses esta foto sin embargo se come bien y por buen precio aqui)EN NUMANCIA, ARCOS DE JALON, ESPANA

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The Sermon @ Sprout Music


“Come and escucha
come y mira,
Experiencia el duende
Libera tu cintura,
ven when you can
ven when you’re able…


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What’s in a [nick]name?

Mothers may tend to have a habit to using your “birth certificate” name… or the name that they’ve called you since you can remember, but there is something about a nickname.

You are given it, for an action you do…

Or you choose one…

or it just “happens” out of variation of your name, depending on what age or situation you are in…

or there are probably other reasons that I’m not listing, but those are the ones I can think of for me.

Nope, not getting into ALL that jazz, but I wanted to mention the reasoning why I think nicknames are so AWESOME.

“I explained today to someone how I love one of my nicknames so much. I never felt judged and I could be whoever I am in my skin with that nickname… My original name everyone knew and had me accountable to be the smart kid who did everything….

Thanks to a nickname that I got freshman year of high school, I was able to be myself, without judgement or pressure.. I challenged myself and explored the world without really trying to impress others..I was me… and I continue to be my truest self and most comfortable in a setting where people know me by that nickname. It’s helped me find the voice inside me.

From the sounds of Romeo and Juliet when Juliet says “what’s in a name? ” means that it doesn’t matter if Romeo’s name was Romeo or not-it was his essence, his being, that mattered… while I can somehow understand the interpretation of Shakespeare’s way of pointing out what a name can be (or not be) in life, I think we definitely help define ourselves through what we are called and portrayed in society… we’re humans.! and in the 21st century, not the 15th or 16th century.

All for the nicknames, I am.

🙂 Hope everyone has a smooth week.


This above all: to thine own self be true” — William Shakespeare

The Voice

By: Shel Silverstein

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”

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Who or What is your earthly saving grace?

I was brought up in a household where we went to church almost every Sunday. It was so abstract to me. Before receiving first communion, I literally thought that the adults had a password that allowed them have the host. I didn’t connect to the whole sha-bang.

Middle school I drifted from that particular religion. I didn’t agree in certain things people were saying where I was going. Early high school time, I found a church where I felt connected with the Youth Group. I still stay in touch with one of the youth group leaders from there. But when I went to college, after my first year, I frankly got lazy to go to that church and drifted again.

I am one of those people who can attest to the statement that “some people grow more religious when they get older.” When your relatives end up having cancer, when friends’ relatives, grandparents, parents, etc. have an illness or pass, when people you walked in the hallway with in high school and sat in on the same class with and talked to suddenly die from a car crash- you tend to realize if one doesn’t believe in anything greater than what we have now- just think that it is this world and nothing else- well, it’s a pretty grim outlook on the life that we are given.

Throughout some of my tumultuous/chaotic times in my life, I did not look towards religion. I was broken, still was like that small child who saw religion as too abstract, that I looked towards the comfort of others. When family life got hectic, I was fortunate to have those awesome teachers who made the atmosphere around me a safe haven/environment to escape for the crap that I had to go home to… sometimes kids need a safe haven/environment to escape from some harsh events that life entails…

I haven ‘t found a concrete psychological term for these sort of people- it’s a combo of satisfying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but it makes sense to me- it isn’t abstract- it is comprehensible…and it really just dawned on me the last couple of days, in concise words and not elenize.

Saying “earthly saving grace” to me is another phrase for what I first think of — ones “anti-drug.”

Without the relationships of some people in my life, especially the last few years towards end of high school up til now, the unconditional love of certain youngsters, the wisdom and constant presence of certain elders and those who I seek for advice, the people who are there for me for thick and thin, through my adventures and my times of frustration when the adventures suddenly seem like a huge science theory rather than a language that I can somehow decode and figure out, I would not have ended up in a good place. Point blank. I could have gotten into a lot of bad things, established relationships with people who are lost and are bad influences for a young woman trying to find her place in this world…. could have gotten into drugs, bad partner relationships, or corrupted my morals and values to oblivion. If I didn’t have those people who believed in me, who took me under their wing or listened when I had to vent or just “let it go,” I wouldn’t have ended up to be the person who I am today….

The people who have helped me know who they are. Thank you. You are awesome, beautiful people. You have accepted me even when I haven’t felt like I could be successful at certain times of my life- you have accepted me for who I am and haven’t made me feel like I should be sorry- You have never shut the door and locked the door behind me.

For some, especially those who have always have made me feel a part of something bigger than a single young woman whose biological and extended family are mostly out of state, you are my “earthly saving graces”- my anti-drug. My faith in God is stronger and more so than ever before, and I must say, he has blessed me with amazing loving people around me- and to make me see that, even when I didn’t quite see how much He is the amazing and loving figure behind the scenes. They- and He through them- have made me a better person. Makes me a better person. Makes me realize how family/friends and God are top in my priorities in life.

Thank you for being who you are…and those who do not know me, thank YOU for being who you are… because I know YOU make a difference in peoples’ lives, and are that “rock/anchor/anti-drug/etc.” and will be that type of person for someone in the future, perhaps someone who you don’t even know yet.

Have a comforting weekend with people you know- or if you are not able to see them- if you are reading this blog, you can shoot and email to someone to say hi or thank someone, or that you were thinking of them.

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More of a problem than Ebola….


How many people

do you know

that are affected by


How many people

do you know

that know people

affected by


The Young

The Old

all ages.


When will it stop?

People are so worried about Ebola.

Ebola this Ebola that

Oh, she was out sick today,

she might have Ebola.

Please do not think I’m underrating the severity that Ebola could be.

But please think about how severe the problem of cancer has, is, and will be.

If you are wanting to donate for a cause, think about donating to a cause that you have a personal connection with, such as the fight against Cancer,

Not Ebola

Quand c’est? By Stromae:

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“I am super busy” dilemma

We have all been there. Too busy to keep our heads straight, and quite frankly I am surprised how my head is still connected to my shoulder’s unlike Nearly Headless Nick’s state of his head.

I admit I say this too. But one question of suggestion to help you sort through what you should think of when you say this: what are your priorities?

Are you too busy that you aren’t taking care of yourself? Are you too busy that you put off paying bills that you can pay on time? Are you too busy engulfed in work or school work that you barely have time for you family, friends, or a simple break out of the 7 days of a week? Are you too busy to write a less than 5 minute email saying you are thinking of someone?

No judgement whatsoever… I believe it is good to reflect every so often to combat the dilemma of being “super busy.” Post it reminders of what is slowly (or quickly) becoming top priority to do… and put “due date” on it so you don’t pass a deadline without realizing it. Do that quick “hey, how are you doing? text, email, or phone call at some free minute of the day- or just for a break– if it’s by text, email or social media– that person may choose to answer with a quick word of fine and you, or they might write a little bit longer back, being grateful that you reached out to them during this busy time of your life, and may even write something that will make you smile and feel good that you took 20 seconds to literally just say “hi.”

It’s the thought that counts. Quality, not quantity of time. Consistency, not as in  constantly trying to talk to people, but rather consistency by the means that you are attempting to keep relationships afloat, rather than them going to the dark abyss of oblivion except for when it’s someones birthday or you happen to see on fb it’s somebody’s birthday.

Life is full of choices. But also for health reasons, and a healthy social life and mind, sometimes it is good to take those few minutes to take a break and reach out to people you know… at some point you won’t be “super busy” and then you will be That Person with so much time, but yet suddenly “everyone is too busy to talk to me” epidemic occurs. It’s frustrating, tons of us has felt it and have gone through it. Life is a rollercoaster- not just learning a foreign language, as I often describe my own experience with Spanish- you have your ups and downs. We can choose to be a lone wolf for some times- sometimes solitary is good- but don’t forget that it is the relationships with the people that care about you that matter more than the amount of time you put into certain things.

And to finish this post, I’d like to say, as I’ve shared before to people:

More people CARE about you than you realize.

Happy Sunday everyone. Best wishes and good health to all!

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